Life-size pet Daleks roll and rotate

Now you can own a life-size version of the most famous "Doctor Who" villain ever created. Extermination has never been so fun.

Dalek replica
Exterminate! Exterminate!

One thing had always perplexed me about Daleks. As a "Doctor Who"-watching kid, I contemplated the thorny issue of how they got up stairs. Now, I have the opportunity to do some testing on my very own life-size Dalek.

U.K. company is offering officially licensed Dalek replicas. Each one is more than 5 feet tall and is hand-built to order. A variety of classic colors are available.

Sci-fi fans love to obsess over prop accuracy. uses the original molds and specs from the BBC prop department, so that every nob, plunger-looking attachment, and laser shooter is dead on.

The Dalek replicas won't try to exterminate you, but can get some action out of them by playing with the rotating dome, extendable plunger arm, and casters. I'm imagining taking one of these for a stroll around the neighborhood on a leash.

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While one Dalek replica will cost you $4,800, you really should purchase a whole army to get a truly terrifying effect.

Yes, fellow fans, I know the new series finally showed us that Daleks have the ability to fly. Unfortunately, that is not a feature of the Dalek replica.

On the back of the sad news that the "Doctor Who" head writer is resting the Daleks from the show, buying your own may be your only opportunity for a Dalek fix for a while. If I ever get one, I'm going to name it "Fluffy the Exterminator."

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