Life-size Mario seeks a new home

When he's not starring in video games, Mario moonlights as one of the greatest game room decorations of all time.

Mario can offer a home many things, including plumbing, kitchen, and eating expertise. Dream Shop

No game room is complete without a pinnacle piece, and perhaps this near life-size Mario could be the perfect attention-getter -- and/or nightmare inducer for small children.

But obtaining a nearly 5-foot-tall homage to the world's most famous Italian plumber might be tougher than beating Bowser with only one life left. This giant Mario, available through Dream Shop in Japan, costs a whopping 285,000 yen ($2,900) plus shipping. Hopefully you've been saving up all those gold coins collected over the years.

Fortunately, it seems like this version of Mario might be a little more durable than the video game iteration, as this figure is made of fibre-reinforced plastic. That sort of material will likely resist any curious youths knocking into everything like a turtle shell.

The giant plumber stands 2.4 feet wide and 2.1 feet deep, but that leaves me wondering if they considered the depth of his tummy; that figure might be off since Mario's mushroom and pasta addiction has enlarged his breadbasket considerably.

If you can't get enough of this life-size geeky character goodness, Dream Shop also sells mega-sized Batman, Spider-Man, and Buzz Lightyear figures, too.

(Via Newlaunches)

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