LG's Ultra HD set: 300 sold... and counting?

The company's television has averaged about 70 unit sales per month since its launch last year, according to a report out of Korea.

LG's 84-inch Ultra HD television.
LG's 84-inch Ultra HD television. LG

If a report out of Korea is to be believed, LG's 84-inch Ultra HD television isn't exactly setting the industry on fire with its sales.

According to news site Chosun Ilbo, LG has sold about 300 units of its high-end television. The company's monthly sales have averaged about 70 of the TVs since the product's launch last year.

So, why might sales be so underwhelming? Price may have something to do with it. LG is currently selling its 84-inch Ultra HD set for about $20,000.

Ultra HD technology took center stage at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, with several companies showing off sets that fit into that high-resolution category. In order for a television to qualify as an Ultra HD set, it must have a minimum resolution of 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels. The television must also have at least one Ultra HD-capable digital input, and display Ultra HD programming natively with no up-converting.

It's not immediately clear when Ultra HD prices might come down to levels the average consumer might find appealing. However, if history is to be our guide, it likely won't take long.

(Via The Verge)

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