LG's new smart phone to stuff stockings soon

LG VX9900 launch date and pricing announced


Add this as yet another awesome smart-phone stocking stuffer to hit the scene this holiday season. Yep, the full details on the LG VX9900 (otherwise known as the enV phone) have been leaked yet again. It appears that the enV is set to launch on November 27 for $150 with a two-year service agreement (pricing at retail is $320; a one-year contract will get you one for $200).

As a reminder, the enV maintains the QWERTY keyboard and number keypad that we know and love from the old VX9800, but with a sleeker look and upgraded features. We're talking a 2-megapixel camera with flash as well as a lens cover, a Micro SD card slot, VZ Navigator support, stereo A2DP Bluetooth support, a speakerphone, access to V Cast Music plus V Cast Video, EV-DO speeds, wireless e-mail sync, plus a music player. Not sure if the phone will earn its "enV" moniker, but the feature set itself sounds quite impressive. We're definitely looking forward to getting our hands on this to give it the full once-over.

(Source:Engadget Mobile)

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