LG's 13-megapixel Optimus G camera stumbles in early tests

At MobileCon in San Diego, CNET spent more time with the LG Optimus G's camera, only to find it underwhelming.


SAN DIEGO--CNET has spent enough time with LG's new flagship, quad-core LG Optimus G to portend great things for LG's image, especially now that the Android 4.0 powerhouse will come to both AT&T and Sprint.

There's just one early snag. Yesterday, I spent some time with the 13-megapixel camera. The controls all looked fantastic, and are part of a redesigned OS. However, I wasn't happy with some of the photos I took for practice.

It definitely didn't help the camera's cause that I shot all photos in a closed demo room awash with artificial lighting, a hostile environment even for dSLRs with terrific lenses. So let's think of this test as a first go-round to many more in-depth tests taken in a broader variety of lighting situations.

That said, first impressions are important, and I was underwhelmed. Most shots lacked that crisp focus and detail that I craved. You can see the resized images and full-resolution samples for yourself, but stay tuned for more to come as we get our hands on take-home review units that we can really put to the test.

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