LG Versa to be released March 1?

The LG Versa from Verizon Wireless is slated to be released March 1, according to rumors.

LG Versa, unboxed
LG Versa, unboxed Cellphone Signal

More rumors have surfaced about the LG Versa, the new all-in-one modular touch screen phone from Verizon Wireless. If you'll recall, the Versa is a touch-screen phone much like the LG Dare, but you have the option of attaching modules to it, like a QWERTY keyboard for texting, or speakers for music, or a game pad controller for games, and so forth.

It's more than a little intriguing for us, as we would like something such as this for another certain touch-screen phone (*cough*iPhone*cough*), and it looks like the Versa might come out as early as March 1, if the rumors hold true. Engadget Mobile points to this Web site that has, apparently, unboxed the Versa a few days ahead of schedule. Indeed, this looks as if it may debut very soon. So, keep your ears and eyes peeled for this one.

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