LG SL80 series LCD TV puts style first

The LG SL80 series' style-first philosophy will appeal to buyers seeking a sleek LCD TV and don't mind sacrificing some performance.

The LG SL80 series oozes sleekness. (Note: This blog post is about a recent CNET review, not a Crave giveaway. Your comment will not earn you a chance to win anything.) Sarah Tew/CNET

A big flat-panel TV can tend to dominate a room, which helps explain why some TV shoppers insist on a television that looks as good as possible when turned off. LG designed its slim-bezel, thin-panel models , the SL80 series reviewed here, and the step-up SL90 series, with those kinds of shoppers in mind. This HDTV definitely puts style first, with its sleek, compact appearance highlighted by a piece of glass that fronts the entire panel. The SL80 lacks the LED lighting and extensive interactive features found on other TVs in its price range, however, and its picture quality fell a bit short as well, despite excellent color, with blacks that aren't as deep and a screen that reflects a lot of ambient light. If you prize design above those issues, however, you'll find plenty to like about this LCD TV.

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