LG shares its plans for home appliance evolution

With new features, upgraded smarts, and clever design touches, LG hopes to connect with consumers.

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LAS VEGAS -- Today at CES, LG shared its plans for the continued evolution of its home appliance lines, focusing on its new Home Chat smart platform , along with new key features in each major product category.

LG Home Chat allows users to manage their connected appliances and devices with an SMS interface -- you'll literally be able to send your refrigerator, washing machine, robot vacuum, or other smart appliance a command or question via text message, then get a response. The service plays into a developing theme here at CES: a more accessible smart home. We've already seen a focus on simpler, more unified smart home ecosystems from Belkin and Samsung , and it's a sentiment that LG seems to be echoing.

Sarah Tew/CNET

In addition to upgraded smarts, LG plans on rolling out some of its more practical minded-features across entire product categories. You can expect to see more door-in-door refrigerators, as LG promised to expand the popular feature across its entire refrigerator platform. The same goes for EasyClean, a three-step self-cleaning setting that LG plans to roll out across its entire slate of ovens and microwaves.

LG also announced plans for a growing number of front-load washers, including models with TurboWash, a feature designed to "fast-forward your laundry" and save users up to 20 minutes per load. As for dryers, LG highlighted new heat pump-powered front-load models with doors capable of opening from the side or the top, allowing the door to be used as a makeshift chute for easy loading.

Finally, LG expressed its enthusiasm for the continued rollout of the LG Studio line of premium-end appliances, and announced a partnership with celebrity decorator Nate Berkus, who'll assist LG in designing the upcoming generation of LG Studio appliances.

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