LG Optimus M gets a makeover with the M+

With its slightly better specs and way better design, MetroPCS's recently released LG Optimus M+ is a reboot of the original M.


In 2010, MetroPCS released its first Android smartphone, the LG Optimus M. We were pretty satisfied with the phone, save for its boxy design and the fact that its specs weren't up to par with its counterpart models carried by other networks.

But two years is a long time in this industry, and MetroPCS recently released an updated version of the M, aptly called the LG Optimus M+. With its 3.5-inch screen, 800MHz processor, and 5-megapixel camera, the bumps in specs in this mid- to entry-level device did not go unnoticed. And, compared with the original M, the sleeker and thinner design is very welcomed.

However, even with the update in aesthetics and specs, the handset is not without its flaws. To find out more about my thoughts on the M+, check out the full review here.

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