LG LED-based LCD: Hot with 2D, ho-hum with 3D

Loads of features, a nearly all-picture design and excellent overall 2D performance characterize the LG LX9500 series LED-based LCD TV, but its 3D needs work.

LG's LX9500 series has the thinnest frame we've seen on any HDTV. Sarah Tew/CNET

We really liked the LG LE8500 series , so it's little surprise we also like the company's LX9500, reviewed here, which is basically the same TV plus 3D compatibility. Unless you really want 3D or love the LX9500's thin frame, however, the less-expensive LE8500 is the better choice. Both offer nearly identical 2D picture quality--with a couple of caveats, it's among the best you can get this year from an LCD--that benefits from deep black levels, highly accurate color and better-than-expected off-angle fidelity. Unfortunately LG seems to have rushed with the 3D portion of the LX9500, saddling it with a washed-out picture that's as lackluster as the 2D one is punchy, and no way to adjust it. With two-dimensional material, on the other hand, the stylish, well-featured LG LX9500 series is one of the most impressive LED-based LCDs we've tested this year.

Read the full review of the LG LX9500 series.

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