LG LCD: Nice controls can't save mediocre picture

The superb adjustability of the LG LD520 series' picture can't make up for its shortcomings compared with other 120Hz LCD TVs

The LG LD520 series is the company's entry-level 120Hz LCD. Sarah Tew/CNET

The LD520 series represents LG's least-expensive LCD TV with 120Hz processing, and the sweet-size 47-inch member hits that magical sub-$1,000 price point. But the competition in this category is pretty fierce, and for a couple of performance-related reasons the LG can't keep up with the like-priced Samsung and Sony LCDs, not to mention Panasonic plasmas, we've reviewed. Its closest picture quality rival we've tested is the Vizio E0VL series , which comes in significantly cheaper--albeit arguably uglier to look at when turned off. Though we appreciate the LG's excellent array of picture controls, its other merits aren't strong enough to earn our recommendation.

Read the full review of the LG LD520 series.

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