LG jumps on GPS bandwagon with three portable nav systems

LG enters the U.S. GPS market with three devices: the LG LN730, LG LN735, and LG LN740.

LG LN730

You can now add LG Electronics to the growing list of consumer electronic companies entering the U.S. GPS market. First previewed at CES 2007, three portable navigation systems from LG are making their U.S. debut: the LG LN730, the LG LN735, and the LG LN740. Here's a quick breakdown of each device; they're all available now for purchase.

LG LN730: An entry-level system with North American maps and 1.7 million points of interest preloaded on the device. The unit is equipped with a SiRFstarIII GPS receiver and offers voice-guided directions, MP3 playback, and a photo viewer--all for an affordable $299.95.

LG LN735: Very similar to the LN730 but adds text-to-speech functionality so it will actually speak street names when giving voice directions. The LN735, which costs $349.95, also has a 3.5-inch, 260,000-color touch screen and up to four hours of battery life.

LG LN740

LG LN740: Finally, the flagship LN740 ($449.95) features a 4-inch touch screen and is traffic-ready (comes with 90-day free trial to Navteq's traffic service). You get all the other goodies too, including text-to-speech capabilities, 2D and 3D maps, multimedia functionality, and up to six hours of battery life.

So what makes them any different from the other in-car GPS units out there? Not much, although we have to say the price points are pretty darn attractive. We're due to receive some review units next week, so we'll let you know if they're worth the money.

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