LG introduces a Versa game pad module

LG finally introduces a second module for its Versa handset, a game pad module made for playing games.

LG Versa with a game pad controller
LG Versa with a game pad controller Verizon Wireless

LG has finally released a second module for the LG Versa, in the form of a game pad module made for, well, playing games.

As you might recall, the Versa is a unique touch-screen phone with the option of attaching external modules. Previously, the Versa only came with a QWERTY keyboard module, which is handy for messaging and surfing the Web. Now it has this game pad controller, which you can slide on the back of the phone's body for storage when not in use.

Like you would expect, the game pad controller has an eight-way directional pad and four gaming buttons. We wonder if there will be enough games in Verizon's library to support the controller, but we do think it's a handy option for Versa owners who like to game on-the-go. The module will cost you though; they are $29.99 each.

(Via Engadget Mobile)

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