LG G3 Stylus leaks in official video, takes on Galaxy Note with big screen and pen

An official video reveals the as-yet-unannounced phablet-sized spin-off from LG's flagship smartphone.

The LG G3 Stylus, on the right, alongside its stablemates the G3 and G3 Beat. LG/YouTube

The LG G3 has a great screen and a camera with lasers in, but one thing it doesn't have is a pen. The LG G3 Stylus solves that, appearing in a new video showing off its Galaxy Note-rivalling phablet size and stylus.

The LG G3 Stylus is the pen-pushing partner to LG's flagship the LG G3, which went on sale this summer. The other spin-off of the G3 is the LG G3 S, also known as the G3 Beat in Asia.

Although it's yet to be properly announced by LG, the G3 Stylus is more than a rumour: it appears in an official video published by the folks at LG. The video is an ad for the G3 Beat, a breezy fairy tale of boy-meets-girl-then-boy-nearly-breaks-girl's-phone. At the end of the video the G3 and G3 Beat are joined by a third phone, complete with a pen, identified as the G3 Stylus.

The G3 Stylus is clearly bigger than its G3 stablemates, suggesting it's a phablet -- an oversized phone that nears tablet proportions. Phablets are traditionally associated with pens thanks to the first phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Each Note comes with a stylus. Every Note has launched in September, so we're expecting to see the Note 4 make its debut in a couple of months too.

The G3 Stylus has yet to be officially announced, so LG may well pull the video.

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