LG Fusic: Not for me, but maybe for my kids.

The LG Fusic is music centric, but needs better battery life and sound quality.

LG Fusic has a lot of iPod design cues (though nobody will mistake it for one!)
LG Fusic has a lot of iPod design cues (though nobody will mistake it for one!) CNET Networks, Inc.

The LG Fusic sure isn't your corporate executive's cell phone, but for the younger market it's quite nice.

It's compact, looks attractive and 3G makes getting everything quick and easy. Sprint's Power Vision and On Demand kick in along with the music (hence the name) to make this definitely a fun phone. The micro SD card lets you store enough tunes to last you for days. Opening the clamshell is far easier than most, and the call reception is excellent.

Quite unique is the inclusion of an FM transmitter to play music from the phone to your car radio, for example. I didn't try it, but the CNET Review says the audio quality is pretty lame.

On the minus side, the battery needs charging more than you'd like (4 hour talk time) and for a music phone, the speaker could be better.

Bottom line is easy. It's a pretty good phone. I'm not using it ? but my teenage daughters love it. It's light, easy to use and, most importantly, impresses their friends.

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