LG clips wires on high-end LCD lineup

The LG LH85 series of LCDs allows a wireless connection to components like Blu-ray players and game consoles.

Today LG announced a series of LCD TVs with wireless capability, where external components connect to a separate module that sends the signals over-the-air to the TV.

The LG LH85 series goes wire-free. CBS Interactive

"Wireless" HDTV has been tried before but it has never seemed to take off. The LH85 series, which consists of the 47-inch 47LH85 and the 55-inch 55LH85, aims to change that trend. LG promises uncompressed delivery of 1080p content without wires, courtesy of a proprietary 60GHz radio and multielement antenna array.

Aside from the wireless capability, other features include a 120Hz refresh rate (not the 240Hz rate seen on many other LG models) with dejudder processing and extensive picture controls, including the same 10-point IRE system and full color management controls we liked on the company's 2008 models. A new "picture wizard" is available as well, which uses a series of onscreen test patterns to ease user calibration.

The LH85 series will be available in May, and pricing has not yet been disclosed.

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