Lexus getting into the aftermarket business

Lexus getting into the aftermarket business

Pimp-it-yourself? Lexus

Now here's a teaser. We got an e-mail from Lexus' PR firm this week informing us that Lexus is going to be debuting a "new performance accessory line" at this year's SEMA show. Like the rest of the automotive world, we are already salivating at the prospect of the IS-F sedan, which will be coming to our shores next January, but the press release's headline suggested that Lexus will offering tuner kits and the like to those who don't have $60,000 to drop on a factory-pimped model.

The trouble is, despite the alluring headline, the press release made no mention of the accessory line other than to say "Lexus will premier the new performance accessory line at a noon press conference on October 30." We contacted Lexus's PR firm for more info on the accessory line, but apart from a confirmation that Lexus will be introducing some "new aftermarket products," we couldn't get any more details. I guess we'll have to hold our breath until next month, when we'll be onsite to bring you all the details from SEMA as they emerge.

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