Lexar rebrands Eye-Fi Wi-Fi card for cameras

Plus, the company enters the M2 flash memory market.

Will the Eye-Fi Share by any other name still transmit as sweet? Lexar thinks so: it's rebranding Eye-Fi's Share SD-based Wi-Fi card, which facilitates automated Wi-Fi photo uploads from your digital camera, with the hard-to-type name of Shoot-n-Sync. This comes out of a partnership announced by the two companies back in January.


Like the Share, the Shoot-n-Sync card will come in a 2GB capacity. It will be available in October for $99.99.

Lexar also announced new 2GB and 4GB Memory Stick Micro memory cards (M2) for your Sony Ericsson phone. The company did not announce pricing for the card, which will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, but expects it to cost the same as competing cards, putting 4GB in the $30 to $60 range and 2GB in $10-plus territory.

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