Let the Situ kitchen scale do the calorie counting

The Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale works in tandem with an iPad app. The kitchen scale keeps track of nutritional information.

The Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale knows how many grams of apple (or kiwi) it takes to keep the doctor away.
The Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale knows how many grams of apple (or kiwi) it takes to keep the doctor away. Michael Grothaus

Diets are pushy little things. They demand constant attention and are terrible at giving back. At least this is true in the short run; in the long run, they help us sculpt a healthy lifestyle. But getting back to the here and now, they are a pain in the neck. Like all tasks that aren't exactly the most fun to do, there is a time-honored tradition performed on a daily basis by those in charge everywhere. In a word: delegate.

Be the boss of your own diet with the Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale. The Kickstarter campaign by Michael Grothaus consists of an app-connected scale that keeps track of nutritional information. As ingredients for a meal-to-be get piled on, the device keeps track of precision details like how much protein the meal will have or how many calories it will contain. But that's just the start.

Diets come in all shapes and sizes, and as such the scale can track a variety of nutritional information well beyond protein and calories. For those food items that don't fit squarely into a square meal, a nutrition database is designed to include ingredients past pantry staples. (In fact, one of the pledge levels includes a custom foods reward.) The app and the scale work independent of any external servers or web accounts, so despite recruiting a calorie-counting helper, if there is any cheating on the diet, only you will ever know.

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