Lenovo teases 'Pocket Yoga' mini laptop

photos Looking suspiciously like Sony's Vaio P series, the Chinese manufacturer's rumored new device, called the Pocket Yoga, features a flippable tablet screen and a tiny leather belt.

Update:Lenovo says there's no actual product behind these mockups, which were of an old concept piece and just recently published on flickr.

We've seen a handful of "leaked" photos recently of a tiny laptop prototype from Lenovo. Looking suspiciously like Sony's Vaio P series, the system has an extremely wide screen, flat edge-to-edge keys, and looks to be similar in size--about the same footprint as a standard business envelope.

Those fuzzy photos have been replaced by some beauty shots on Lenovo's Flickr stream.

The device, called the Pocket Yoga, features a tablet screen with a digitizing pen and a tiny leather belt that wraps around the entire unit for travel, then folds up to become some sort of travel mouse. Also interesting (and further differentiation from the Vaio P) is the shot showing the display flipped over like a convertible tablet.

The Chinese manufacturer has not yet revealed details on the Pocket Yoga's components, specs, price, or availability. It hasn't even specified whether the device is more than a prototype or mockup, but you can check out the product shots, plus some design sketches, in our gallery below.

(Via Electronista)

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