Lenovo jumps gun on Intel's Santa Rosa launch

Specifications for new ThinkPad laptops based on the next version of Centrino briefly appear on Lenovo's Web site.

Intel doesn't plan to introduce the next version of its Centrino notebook technology until May 9, but Lenovo is all ready to start shipping ThinkPads with the new chips.

DailyTech spotted specifications for new ThinkPad T61 and R61 laptops up on Lenovo's site Tuesday, but they are gone now (hopefully not along with the guy who posted them). The systems used Intel's next-generation Santa Rosa notebook technology, with four Core 2 Duo processors between them at various clock speeds up to 2.4GHz, a new graphics chipset, and Intel Turbo Memory, which is what the marketing department came up with to describe Robson. Intel has been talking about building flash memory into its technology for some time, and it's finally ready to hit the streets.

On Monday, Intel reps sent out invitations to the Centrino launch party on May 9. In typical Intel fashion, they've spilled pretty much all the beans concerning this launch in bits and pieces over the last couple of months, probably hoping to encourage incremental blog posts such as this one. Mooly Eden will emcee the event, probably in his typical style.

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