Legos get crazy iced out

The $7.99 Lego Ice Brick tray turns boring old ice into ridiculously awesome Lego ice bricks.

This Lego Ice Brick tray is as cold as ice, and willing to sacrifice our love. But not our love of Legos.

The $7.99 tray, available through Lego's online store turns boring old ice into ridiculously awesome Lego ice bricks.

According to the Lego site, you can build little Lego sculptures out of the ice bricks...but a close inspection of the tray reveals that it only creates the "male," nubby side of the bricks, and not the "female," Lego-nub-receptor side of the bricks.

Thus, cool as these ice cubes look, your "sculptures" would just consist of stacked ice cubes, not snap-together Lego projects. That's a shame, but I still want this tray in my freezer like it's nobody's business.

Update: As Crave reader pejohnst kindly points out in the TalkBack section below, perhaps the "female" end is created by stacking the trays on top of each other. There's no picture of the underside of the tray on the Lego site, so it'll be a mystery until these trays are in hand.

The Lego Ice Brick tray is dishwasher-safe, makes 10 ice Legos per tray, and is made out of silicone. I have a great recipe for ice if anyone needs it.

[Via Geeksugar.]


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