Lego's controller bricks your Wii in a good way

Nintendo's Wii remotes a little too bland for your taste? Lego has a new remote out that you can built on top of with standard Lego blocks.

Lego's new block-accepting Wii remote. Toys R Us

There's playing with Lego bricks, and there's playing Lego video games, but now with the Lego "play and build" remote game controller there's a mix of the two. The $40 controller, which is a Toys "R" Us exclusive made by Power A, has all your standard Wii buttons and the built-in speaker, with the addition of a rumble motor.

So what's the big deal then? Both the face and the battery cover of the controller are ready to accept your Lego pieces. You can add any of your own pieces, or use the 31 minitiles that come with the kit. Also included is a tile separator, in case you feel like keeping the tips of your fingernails when prying off your design.

If you look closely you'll see that the amount of space you have on the top of the controller falls short of letting you build something huge without getting in the way of your buttons, but with non-flat blocks you can latch on some additional bits along the sides. No word yet on whether Lego intends to create additional Wii accessories that would snap onto this area.

The remote ships at the end of this week.

(Via Kotaku)

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