Lego version of the world's largest ship sets sail

The Maersk Triple-E is the world's largest ship. Now Lego fans can build their own version of the maritime behemoth.

Lego just announced that it will sell a brick version of the Maersk Triple-E, the world's largest ship. Lego

Owners of the new Lego version of the Maersk Line Triple-E might be tempted to smash a bottle of champagne against it once they're done building, given that it's a model of the world's largest ship.

Alas, the model would probably smash to bits. Still, maritime and Lego fans alike may want to rush out in January to buy the new $150 set. Comprised of 1,518 bricks, the Lego Maersk Triple-E re-creates the real ship with what the toy company said is a high attention to detail.

Lego said that the model includes rotating screw blades, two scale 8-cylinder engines, port-side windows, and shipping containers that can be taken off.

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