Lego fans must not go to Burning Man

A big Lego fan event is scheduled for Labor Day weekend 2008, the same weekend as the countercultural arts festival.

If you're the kind of person for whom every year is centered around Burning Man, then there's a certain problem you have with the calendar: you can't go to other Labor Day weekend events.

Not that I would know anything about this, of course, because I only go to Burning Man some years, and it's only coincidence that it's happened 10 years in a row.

But anyway, I noticed today that there's going to be a great Lego fan festival in Washington, D.C., next year, called BrickFair. "Fantastic," I thought, as I love attending Lego events.

And, then, sadly, I noticed that it was scheduled for Labor Day weekend. Sigh.

It turns out that there are always so many great, geek-friendly events planned all over the country during that weekend, and if you're a burner, you can't go to any of them. The same is true if something is scheduled immediately before or after Burning Man.

I think to myself any time I come across one of these things, "What were these people thinking? Don't they know that means that burners can't go?"

Well, I suppose the reality is that there is a whole world outside of Burning Man, and that there are even a few geeks who don't go, or at least who don't go every year, but who still want to do something fun that weekend.

Who knew?

Still, as someone who regularly finds myself in the sad position of having to skip one great event after another in order to go to Nevada's Black Rock desert, I'd really like to urge the folks organizing these gatherings to consider the calendar.

I mean, already from what I gather, we've managed to convince the organizers of at least two events I can think of, the Austin Game Developers Conference and the Second Life Community Convention, to move to different places on the calendar.

That wasn't that hard, right? Who's next?

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