LED belt buckle puts your name in lights

If you've always wanted your name up in lights and are willing to settle for having it down on your belt, you might be just the demographic makers of the scrolling LED belt buckle are looking for.

LED belt buckle
Credit: IcedOut Gear
IcedOut Gear sells its scrolling
LED belt buckle for $29.99.

The flashy accessory sold on ThinkGeek, IcedOut Gear and elsewhere features 147 light-emitting diodes surrounded by a chrome frame. You can store six messages containing up to 256 characters per message (enough room to walk around advertising your basic philosophy of life). Your message of choice scrolls from left to right and up and down at programmable speeds. For those who appreciate true subtlety in fashion, the buckle also blinks (batteries included).

We're thinking it might go rather nicely with the .

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