Leaked iPad 5 photos hint further at Mini-like design

Sonny Dickson, a frequent leaker of all things Apple, publishes new pics of what appears to be the fifth-generation iPad's front panel.

Is this what the iPad 5's front panel will look like? Sonny Dickson
With the never-ending chatter about Apple's much-anticipated iPhone models , it's easy to ignore everything else that's likely to come out of the company's expected September 10 event. But it's good to see that the next generations of Apple's tablet line haven't been entirely forgotten.

Sonny Dickson, which is a frequent leaker of all things Apple, on Wednesday posted a rather extensive gallery of what appears to be the front panel of the iPad 5.

The photos appear to confirm what Citi Research wrote in a note to investors earlier this month -- that Apple plans to launch a thinner, lighter iPad 5 that's closer in design to the current iPad Mini.

That also jibes with earlier leaked images of what Macfixit Australia claimed were replacement iPad 5 screens with thinner side bezels than the current-generation model. MacFixit also said that the display would have new connectors, called Flexible Printed Circuits, like those found in the iPhone 5.

Sonny Dickson

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