Lazy Susan warming tray helps slow diners

The Deni Circular Warming Tray is a convenient appliance that can be used to keep dinner warm.

It's OK to be late for dinner.
It's OK to be late for dinner. QVC

There is no substitute for a hot meal. Though there are plenty of things worse than cold mashed potatoes, it is a travesty of dinner that can easily be avoided. Certainly the most desirable outcome of mealtime is setting down to a hot plate of food right out of the kitchen. Sadly, this cannot always be. When life gets in the way of dinner, a warming tray can come to the rescue.

Suitable for more than just rescuing diners late to the dinner table, the Deni Circular Warming Tray with Lid is a convenient multitasker than can also be used for entertaining. The warming tray features a domed lid and a rotating base; it measures 12.75 inches in diameter, providing ample room for many serving applications.

Well-suited for a variety of tasks, the warming tray could be placed at the center of a table thanks to the lazy Susan base. When used on a sideboard for entertaining, guests can spin the tray, rotating it until the desired item is in front of them. With cordless operation and a stone base that can hold heat for up to 2 hours, the portable appliance offers a temperature range of 200 to 295 degrees--enough heat to last for even the tardiest of diners.

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