Laser-outfitted guitar offers enhanced precision

Guitar being developed by M3i Technologies uses lasers to record chords even before your fingers touch the strings.

guitar with lasers
M3i Technologies

How often do you see guitars equipped with lasers?

M3i Technologies has come up with a guitar that uses lasers to record chords even before your fingers touch the strings. Talk about enhanced precision.

The instrument makes use of Laser Pitch Detection (LPD) technology. A set of laser diodes are placed on the bridge of the guitar and each string has its own laser beam extending across the frets. Once your finger passes through the light, the system in the guitar takes note of the laser beam's length and calculates the string's pitch.

Theoretically, these signals could be used to control just about anything (Pac Man, anyone?) or used as a controller for music-based games such as Harmonix's Rock Band.

Watch this video for more:

Unfortunately, the project is still under development and won't be up for retail until next year. Those who want more information about the guitar can head on over to M3i's Web site.

(Source: Crave Asia)


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