Laser mouse needs to cut the cord

Otherwise, it's a potential workplace hazard

Sometimes, we have to wonder what manufacturers are thinking when they sit down at the drawing table. Case in point: a corded mouse with a built-in laser pointer.

We understand the concept, that people presumably would find some value in having a pointer for presentations to impress their clients and bosses. And Fareastgizmos notes that the pointer in Kokuyo's wired USB optical mouse will never run out of batteries. But how sophisticated would it look when the mouse is pulled just a little too far and yanks your laptop clean off the desk?

It's the same issue we had with Sigma's pistol-style mouse, which was designed for wall-projector presentations but was also tethered by a cord and thereby suffered from limited mobility, not to mention the possibility of tripping its owner. Until these kinds of devices go wireless, we'll stick with the old-fashioned method--the finger. (No, Einstein, not that finger.)

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