Laser choppers for irritating co-workers

If only they worked on humans too.

Crazy About Gadgets

There's hope for those plagued by friends and co-workers who insist on irritating us with their flying gadgets: You can now launch a counterattack with a laser-firing helicopter.

OK, so the "Sky Challenger Micro Helicopter" can't really shoot down other airborne toys, but it's still worth it. For one thing, you can give a pair of them to those maturity-challenged acquaintances and send them out to the parking lot so they can shoot at each other instead of bothering you. While they can't knock each other out of the sky, according to Tech Digest, they can temporarily disable each other complete with direct-hit sound effects if the operator's aim is true.

It's tailor-made for an episode of The Office. If only the lasers worked on the people behind the controls, we'd buy a dozen of them.

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