Laptops too big for biz?

Laptops too big for biz?

Yes, my CNET colleague Molly Wood has a point: Who needs a laptop with a 20-inch screen, that's bigger and heavier than your lap can handle and that costs thousands of dollars? And SmallBizTechnology says small businesses should get a desktop with a large screen because laptops are for portable computing.

But wait a sec. Couldn't you see using a wide screen like that, especially if it has good resolution, to give a presentation to a small group or share documents with them, without having to use a projector or plug into a TV? Lots to lug, sure. But maybe it's a good marketing tool. (This is all typed on what's currently my main computer (Sony VAIO died: a 14-inch wide-screen laptop from a former OEM called Medion. So far--knock on wood--so good.)



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