Land Rover seen testing diesel hybrid plug-in

Green Car Reports spied a diesel Range Rover in a parking lot in Bristol, England, plugged into a charging station.

Land Rover Range_e
Land Rover showed off the Range_e diesel hybrid plug-in concept earlier this year in Geneva. Land Rover

Land Rover's Range_e concept, unveiled at the International Motor Show in Geneva, was not just a publicity stunt. A working model has been seen charging up in a parking lot in Bristol, England.

Green Car Reports caught the Range_e concept out in the wild. It was plugged into a charging station at a Bristol mall. The blog site published a round of photos and some details observed about the car.

Notably, Land Rover touts the Range_e concept's CO2 emissions of 89 grams per kilometer, as opposed to the nonhybrid diesel's 243 grams per kilometer.

The concept uses a 3-liter turbocharged diesel engine, a 69-kilowatt electric motor, and a lithium ion battery pack. The car can travel 20 miles under electric power alone.

Green Car Reports notes that the concept car was spotted within 100 miles of Land Rover headquarters in Gaydon, Warwickshire.

Land Rover's limited model portfolio, dominated by vehicles with large engines, suggests that it will have to release plug-in hybrid versions in order to comply with European emissions standards and U.S. CAFE requirements.

(Source: Green Car Reports)

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