Land Rover and Jaguar versus Santa Claus

Land Rover and Jaguar release some amusing concepts for Santa's sleigh.

The combined Land Rover/Jaguar company, now owned by Indian automaker Tata, had a little fun for the holidays, coming up with concept images for Santa's sleigh, one designed by Jaguar, and the other by Land Rover.

Jaguar sleigh concept
Jaguar went retro with its concept, designing a flying sleigh with what looks like a twin prop on a 1950s-style aircraft. Santa is exposed in this open-canopy concept, but he's used to it.

Land Rover Santa sleigh
Land Rover

Land Rover went futuristic with its land-based speeder design. Being a Land Rover, we assume it handles rough terrain well. It also looks like the cockpit is designed for a reindeer driver, which must require some very special controls.

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