Lacy lingerie for the iPod

Do you love your iPod? How much? Enough to buy it a sexy red negligee for Valentine's Day?

Apparently committed to promoting domestic harmony between iPods and their owners, Los Angeles-based iPod accessory maker iAttire has come out with a Valentine 2006 line so you can romance your beloved MP3 player with more than just an FM transmitter or a new set of earbuds.

Credit: iAttire

The handcrafted Valentine's Day line--which is available on iAttire's site and ranges in price from $25 to $60--features a sheer red negligee with a black chiffon ruffle; a French satin corset cinched with black lacings; and men's cotton boxers and briefs (with matching undershirts) adorned with stripes, hearts or polka dots.

Designed to be replicas of people attire, the products fit and wear just like those you might select for yourself, the company says--though it could be argued that the average iPod lacks the bodaciousness to pull off the racier wear.

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