LaCie gets fancy with Galet USB thumbdrive

LaCie intros a new USB thumbdrive that's shaped like a pebble and is plated with silver.

LaCie's "pebble" USB drive next to real pebbles.
LaCie's "pebble" USB drive next to real pebbles. LaCie

If you are the type of person who tends to misplace those little USB thumbdrives, you might want to consider this.

LaCie introduced today a new USB thumbdrive that in no way resembles the look of a thumb; instead, the Galet USB drive looks like a pebble. "Galet," by the way, is the French way to say "pebble." But that's not the coolest thing about the drive.

According to LaCie, the Galet is hand-crafted in France. Each unit is individually plated with silver through Christofle's 150-year-old silvering process. After that, the company claims, the device is carefully inspected for a smooth finish and radiant polish. Basically, it looks really cool and will make a great gift for Valentine's Day.

As a storage device, however, the Galet isn't equally impressive. It offers just 4GB of storage space and supports USB 2.0. The drive does come with LaCie's Private-Public software with password protection, which is similar to that of the LaCie FastKey.

However, the real reason why you would pay more attention and not lose it is its price. The drive costs a whopping $130, most of which, presumably, is the emotional value. To help you keep this type of investment secure, the Galet comes with a string for you to hook it to anything, such as a set of keys.

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