LaCie expands its art collection

Another designer hard drive.


Being art lovers ourselves, we appreciate LaCie's attention to aesthetics in some of its latest products. After all, it's not easy to make a hard drive look like something that belongs ni a museum.

That's exactly what it did last week with the debut of its "Golden Disk," by French designer Ora-Ito. In our humble opinion, however, its second attempt isn't quite so successful: The "Little Disk" from designer Sam Hecht does sport a glossy finish but, aside from its removable cap, it looks pretty much like a dark-chocolate box.

The portable drive, which comes in 30GB, 80GB and 120GB (pictured here), seems to take the concept of "clean lines" a bit too far as far as we're concerned. But LaCie's marketing department deserves high marks for effort, even posting a YouTube video of Hecht discussing the new line.

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