Kohjinsha's doublewide laptop display

Japanese PC maker shows a laptop with two sliding screens at Ceatec 2009.

Kohjinsha dual display
Kohjinsha's transforming dual-display notebook. Scott Ard/CNET

CHIBA, Japan--This otherwise run-of-the-mill laptop from local PC purveyor Kohjinsha has not one, but two widescreen displays.

One of the 10.1-inch screens actually slides behind the other, so it's able to be closed like a normal laptop. When they slideout they form an admittedly odd-looking, but useful dual display setup.

Also inside the laptop: a 1.6 Ghz AMD Athlon Neo-MV40, 4GB of memory, Bluetooth, a TV tuner, and a biometric fingerprint reader. The OS will be Windows 7 Home Premium, graphics are DirectX 10 compatible, and the whole thing weighs about 4 pounds. More photos of the sliding screens in action after the jump.

Kohjinsha dual display
One screen can be stored behind the other. Scott Ard/CNET

Kohjinsha dual display
The second screen is now completely stowed. Scott Ard/CNET

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