Knomo goes Slim

Knomo's Slim lap top sleeve

Latest from Knomo is the Slim. For anyone that has been looking for a sleek new way to tote your laptop around, this is pretty slick, and still simple enough to slot into a tote, backpack, large purse, you name it. "This ultra light and Slim pocket is handcrafted from full hide leather and nylon twill quilting to protect your laptop from any knocks or bumps. The retractable padded handle makes it comfortable to carry and easy to fit into your bag." I've been very anti-zippers on laptops for a while ever since my constant use of my iBook in and out of a neoprene sleeve with zips around the side left pretty deep scratches on both sides... so its been all velcro for me, until now perhaps. This sleeve has a unique zipper which goes around, so it looks like it would be pretty easy to lift the laptop in and out of top loading bags!



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