Klingons beware, the anniversary phaser is here

The Star Trek 40th anniversary phaser has hit the shelves.

If James T. Kirk was sitting by a tree or menorah or visiting Africa come Chrismahanukwanzakah time, you'd better believe he'd be craving the Star Trek 40th anniversary phaser. It's hit shelves in honor of 40 years of "boldly going where no man has gone before."

Star Trek phaser

With the bronze handle, flashing lights and four power modes, the phaser looks and feels a lot like the stun gun of the original series. If you're hoping to participate in the away team, the Type I phaser easily detaches, while still providing light and sound features. Speaking of sound, all noises are ultra-authentic and taken directly from the series. With its special packaging, the gadget could easily sit on any collector's mantle, but it's also cheap enough to provide some good Klingon and Khan-beating fun.

For $30 a pop at ThinkGeek or $27.99 at Amazon.com, this 23rd century weapon is likely to please every tribble-loving darling in your life. The only catch is that it's not a real weapon, so you can't stun your boss, bratty brother or whining wife with it. Perhaps they're waiting to release that last feature for the Golden Anniversary.

(Photo: ThinkGeek)

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