Kitchen a la carte

Looking for kitchen appliances you can move around any time you want? Stadtnomaden's A La Carte appliances may be your new best friend.

The thing about good kitchen appliances is that they aren't very easy to move. You can't rearrange your kitchen on a whim, no matter what you do to the living room. And taking a stove with you when you move requires more effort than the stove is probably worth. But Stadtnomaden, a German carpentry firm offer their kitchen appliances A La Carte. You can order what look like dressers: cubes that are lightweight, easy to move and have a simple design that can fit anywhere. Depending on your choices, your cubes come with a sink, an oven and a cooktop--easy to hook up however your kitchen is set up, as long as you have water and electricity. You can also chose a cube with a plain countertop. They're only 2 feet wide when assembled; a comfortable fit even in a small apartment. And, unassembled, these cubes are compact. They're impressively easy to move. Unfortunately Stadtnomaden's products aren't widely available yet--they are in the process of setting up an online shop. If you want your kitchen a la carte now, though, you will probably have to call up and order them personally. But they do seem worth the effort.

A La Carte Stadtnomaden

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