Kindle games start to proliferate

The number of games in the Kindle Store is growing, with eight titles now available--and all of them are pretty popular.

Next is a puzzle matching game. Amazon

The Kindle as portable gaming platform? Seems like a misprint, but the number of Kindle games is growing, with a new one, Next, released today, and eight total in the Kindle Store.

The latest include Sudoku, Texas Hold'em Poker, and Panda Poet, a new word game in which words you form turn into pandas and the goal is "grow the biggest panda possible."

Due to the rudimentary nature of e-ink, none of these games are terribly sophisticated, but they're all big hits with Kindle users and some claim they are very addicting. A few games are free, but the newest releases cost $2.99 or $3.99.

As for Next, it's a matching puzzle and the first Kindle game from a company called Mobigloo.

Anybody playing games on the Kindle? Or is this just silly?

Screenshot by David Carnoy/CNET

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