Kids' headphones are good for parents too

Sony makes a pair that will fit little ears better--and keep their music from leaking out.


We're not sure if it's a good sign for electronics to be aimed at such early ages, but Sony is introducing a pair of headphones designed for kids 8 and up.

It actually makes good sense from a business standpoint, to get consumers hooked into buying your brand at the earliest possible age, kind of like the way tobacco companies try to do with cigarettes. And even at $15, they're bound to be better than the cheap 'phones that come with any kids' gadgets.

The MDR-222KD headphones not only come in "cotton-candy pink" (as well as and black), according to Slippery Brick, but they also have open-air earpieces and volume limitations so your kids won't destroy their eardrums as they're want to do. There's an additional incentive for parents too: Headphones that fit children's ears better are less likely to let their awful music leak out.

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