KIA KND-4 concept

CNET Car Tech looks at the KIA KND-4 concept vehicle shown at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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KIA, which showed off new concept cars at the recent Frankfurtand Tokyo auto shows, brought another one out at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show. The KND-4 shows off KIA's exploration of what a future compact SUV might look like. The front of the car, with its raked windshield, is reminiscent of the Mazda CX-7, and uses LED headlights in true futuristic concept car style. The rear of the car is squared off, maximizing cargo room. The entire vehicle sits up high on 20-inch wheels, but it is less than 15 feet long. It seats four in individual seats inside its high-tech cabin. It has two organic LED screens in the dashboard for navigation, video, and Bluetooth-connected cell phones. The KND-4 uses a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine sending power to all four wheels.

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