Keep your cooler close and your beer closer

Haier's home beer dispenser keeps the good times flowing.

What's on tap? Whatever you want. Haier America

The remote-controlled beer cooler Brian showed you yesterday is one thing, but what if you like to stay inside your house? And what if you want a seemingly endless supply of beer, and opening bottles is just too much work? Well, then you need to get yourself a BrewMaster--Haier's beer dispenser, which holds half, quarter, and mini barrel kegs.

The BrewMaster is freestanding, so there's no kitchen renovation necessary. Of course, you can always build it into a cabinet or a counter for that polished look. The tap is compatible with the most common U.S. systems, and the dispenser comes with a tap system cleaning kit.

The BrewMaster is on casters, so you can roll it right next to your recliner, although there is no remote control. If you can get over that hurdle, you can choose your model in black, stainless steel, or virtual steel. The unit retails for about $600.

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