Keep warm by grilling on the inside

Bring the grill inside with the Kalorik Reversible Indoor Tabletop Grill.

Pancakes would have been a better choice. Chefs Catalog

I know it's cold out there across much of the land. While it's never too early to plan on having good times (and food) under the sun, it also doesn't hurt to keep your indoor plans on the tasty side of deliciousness. Though the outdoor grill will have to remain outside and frozen for the time being, there is another option.

The Kalorik Reversible Indoor Tabletop Grill is a versatile appliance for bringing the joy of grilling in from the outside. The two-sided, nonstick cooking surface features a ribbed side for grilling and a flat griddle on the reverse side. The unit measures 20 inches long with a depth of 12.5 inches and it stands 5.5 inches tall. The fair amount of cooking real estate helps to ensure plenty of room for pancakes and fried eggs for all. The cooking plate is detachable and fully submersible, which allows for easy cleanup.

Unlike your lonely outdoor grill, this appliance has cool handles to facilitate easy movement of the unit while hot, so you can move the grill from kitchen to table. For a more interactive experience, consider involving the family in the cooking process. With ease of use and portability in mind, the grill can serve as a delicious hotspot of warmth during those cold winter months.

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