Keep tabs on the wine fridge anywhere you go

The Elertus Wine Protection System consists of smart sensors and an app. The system alerts users to changes in environment, as well as monitoring activity.

The Elertus Wine Protection System consists of an app and a smart sensor to alert users to activity regarding wine storage.
The Elertus Wine Protection System consists of an app and smart sensor to alert users to activity regarding wine storage. Elertus

Wine goes through a remarkable transformative process while it ages. The flavor and aroma change, harsh tannins soften, and the mouthfeel can become smoother. However, not all that happens to wine as it sits on the shelf waiting to be consumed is a good thing. Wine can also go through a disappearing act, and not the good kind where it disappears as you drink it.

Generally speaking, most people probably do not carry their wine collection with them. Therefore, leaving it unattended means that it is vulnerable to theft. Of course, this is a very small threat in most instances, but for oenophiles who happen to have teenagers in the house, it's a good bet most parents have given it more than a second thought.

The age-old practice of marking bottles may be a foil to unwanted liquor cabinet sampling, but sealed wine bottles offer a different challenge. The Elertus Wine Protection System ($199.99) is a simple contrivance of the new breed of gadgetry, consisting of an app and a sensor. Apply the sensor to the wine fridge, and the app sends you notifications of what you need to know -- such as if anyone opens the door.

The system does more than monitor movement: when not thwarting pesky teens, the sensor communicates environmental details including heat, humidity and light information. The smart sensor works through existing home Wi-Fi and since it can monitor doors, temperature, humidity, movement and light, it can be utilized in any number of different ways. Keeping tabs on the wine is just the beginning -- not too unlike what lies ahead for other denizens of the house.

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