Keep Rover in check with a simple tag

No-frills device can hold a wealth of digital info.

Inventor Spot

In the world of digital gadgetry, anything can become a booming business--even dog tags. We're not talking about fashion items of the human variety, but ones for Rover and Fido. And far from Lassie's day, the ones on the contemporary market have everything from fitness meters to safety LEDs.

Yet for those canine owners who long for simpler days--and don't want to shell out big bucks--can combine modern technology with old-fashioned ID collars in the form of "Dog-E-Tags." These no-frill devices, which Inventor Spot calls "the best dog tags ever," can provide 40 lines of information about your furry loved one such as allergies and vet information, not just the standard address and phone number.

And if money isn't an issue, you can also get a humiliating $30,000 Hello Kitty doghouse to punish the pooch for running away in the first place.

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