Keep an eye on the cutlery with this magnetic acrylic knife block

The Schmidt Brothers Cutlery No. 277 Urban Block holds knives in place with magnets. The unique design allows for an impressive and fun display in the kitchen.

Don't worry the knives are not levitating.
Don't worry the knives are not levitating. Schmidt Brothers Cutlery

Many kitchen tasks demand precise attention. This, of course, comes as no surprise. Fire, food, and a sometimes frenetic pace combine to create an environment where it is important to play safe. Even if that means just for storage.

Having a drawer full of knives isn't exactly the best situation when it comes time to pull one out for the bunch. Not only is that an easy way to cut one's hand, but it is also not good for the knives.

Knife blocks are designed to live on the countertop and as such come in all shapes and sizes and colors. And that includes clear. The Schmidt Brothers Cutlery No. 277 Urban Block ($125) is a knife storage solution that has nothing to hide. Nor could it; made from acrylic, the see-through knife block creates a unique perspective on the kitchen countertop.

Rows of magnets studded into the knife holder give utility to the Urban Block. Capable of holding and storing up to sixteen knives using both sides of the block, the open design allows for custom configuration of favorite cutlery. In use, the acrylic knife block creates an interesting display, showcasing cutlery without clutter. The impression one gets could be that the knives are floating in mid-air, but regardless how one views it, it's certainly easier to see than poking around in a drawer full of sharp implements.

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