KDDI chooses 3Tera for cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing pioneer notched a big win with Japanese telecom adopting its AppLogic platform. The big question is whether Japanese IT shops will use the cloud.

KDDI cloud
KDDI, Japan's No. 2 telecom provider, recently launched "KDDI Cloud Server Service" to offer managed cloud services to customers in Japan.

The new service is notable for at least two reasons:
1. As recently as two years ago, Japanese businesses were not enamored by the cloud.
2. The technology to run the service is provided by cloud computing company 3Tera and was not developed in house.

It's a nice win for 3Tera's approach to cloud services, one that provides a browser-based Visio-like UI that lets you create application sets by dragging in resources that create a definition file that describe the overall package.

You don't need to know anything about the infrastructure that an application or service is running on; you just need to define the level of resource availability and service level required.

KDDI Cloud Server Service provides the infrastructure and system templates that allow you to encapsulate your system on its cloud and to also allow for virtual system administration services. The features of the service are a subset of 3Tera's offering.

This isn't groundbreaking news, but it's intriguing to see a Japanese company both embrace the cloud and use non-in-house technology to do it. I spent a fair amount of time in Japan over the last few years and very few IT shops were considering cloud services, with only a few vendors, like seeing much traction.

But times change and Japan is famous for leapfrogging generations of technologies to get to the next latest and greatest thing.

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